Curtains are Made of Rip-Stop fabric.  

            Fabric is non-permeable, making it weatherproof  to rain and wind, scent resistant, that won’t rip, tear, or freeze.       

            Curtains can be cut between flaps to adjust for window size.

            Military camouflage pattern is a proven concealment in all terrains.


Curtains have 3 pockets in valance.

            Pockets allow curtain length to be adjusted. Inserting rod through pocket allows installation in blinds.  

           Miscellaneous products used in pockets  can be a adjustable tension curtain rod, bungee cord, plumbers tape,                         metal dowel, picture wire.

           A staple gun can even be used for installation.


Curtains have a flexible magnetic tape sewn in valance.          

            Magnetic tape is used to hold flaps up and over quietly for desired visibility.


Curtains have strong neodymium magnets.

            Strong magnets sewn in each flap for quiet control and visibility against wind.


It might take a little creativity on your part, but it  doesn't matter what kind of stationary Hunting Blind or window you have, “No Bust Curtains®” curtains and flaps are going to fit your windows and provide the concealment and visibilty needed for that great Hunt!