1. Must purchase 2 rods prior to assembly. Several styles are available for Spring Tension Rods. 

 2. Per instructions, twist & extend rods to blind width.

 3. Due to strong magnets, curtain will be in a ball when removed  from packaging.


4. Slide rod through “pocket” on the top of curtain.

5. Secure rod (with curtain) to the blind. Once secured, straighten flaps by separating magnets.

6. Lay 2nd rod across the bottom of the flaps. Magnets will stick & hold flaps in place.


7. To open a space for enhanced visibility, lift flap ends up and attach to the magnetic strip sewn across the top of the curtain.

8. You can also attach flaps across (diagonally) for added view.

9. “Hey, I see some deer… and they can’t see me!!”

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