Adrenal Fatigue and My Weight

Adrenal Glands

As I’ve said before, I believe that I’ve suffered from adrenal fatigue for many years. One of the effects that adrenal fatigue has had on me is weight gain. Weight gain is common with adrenal fatigue. As with most people who have the condition, it has caused my excess weight to be distributed around my belly.

glandsThe Catch-22 of it is:  the belly fat causes me stress. And the stress (because of physiological effects of hormones that are regulated by the adrenal glands) causes me to gain weight around my belly. It’s been a nasty cycle for the last several years. The stress of dealing with my son’s illness, our own financial problems, and dealing with a teen daughter caused my body to put on weight. And even though the other issues are resolved  (for the most part), this thick layer of fat that hangs off of me causes me a lot of stress. I can’t stand to go shopping for clothing, I hate to go out, and my husband and I haven’t been intimate in months. Oddly enough, all of those things add to my stress levels, as well, which probably adds to my resulting weight problem.

The way I’ve decided to tackle this is the way any person with exhausted adrenal glands should deal with it:  I will get lots of rest, and adhere to an adrenal fatigue diet (no processed foods, no fried foods, etc.). The rest and improved diet will probably naturally decrease stress, which will most likely help me get rid of some of the belly fat.  The weight loss will also improve my stress levels. If my hypothesis is correct, with a couple of simple adjustments to my daily life, I will switch from a downward spiral to an upward spiral.

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