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As a new Mum, you only need to walk into a childrens wear shop to see that there’s way more variety when it comes to looking for baby girls’ clothes. Online it’s pretty much the same generally. Girls’ clothes seem so much more colourful and there’s so much more to choose from. Tilly and Jasper are one of the exceptions as our baby boys’ clothes are exciting and just that bit different.

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When it comes to baby girl dresses, it’s the same. We aren’t like the high street stores at all. Our fabrics and designs are soft, organic, cheerful, great value for money and unique. In a way, it’s kind of like belonging to an exclusive club I suppose. You may bump into a few other baby girls wearing the same dress from Tesco or John Lewis but buy from Tilly and Jasper and already you’re increasing the odds of your daughter being dressed in something different. Like couture in a way but without the high prices and unsustainability!

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Tilly and Jasper have some fab dresses for 3 to 6 year olds too so it’s not just your baby girls you can shop for either.

organic clothing kids

When it comes to buying your baby girl dresses, it’s really important to go for comfortable fabrics. All our clothes are soft organic clothing kids so you’re in the right place. We have light sleeveless summery dresses as well as dresses made from cosier fabrics for those colder days and nights.

organic cotton baby clothes

Incidentally, Tilly and Jasper have some really cool accessories to jazz up every girl’s outfit too. Whether it’s an adorable cloth nappy from Baba & Boo, some ‘out there’ socks, a cute dribble bib from Frugi, you name it, we’ve got it. Our accessories aren’t just there for the sake of it by the way. Yes, they look great but they all have a purpose and don’t just look good! I’m not a fan of lacy, frilly over-the-top, embellished baby girl clothes and if you’re like me then you’ll love our range of designs and styles. Our baby girl dresses are simple, stylish, comfy and super-practical.

If you want vibrant colours then we have them. Prefer more muted shades with more of a pastel palette? Yup, Tilly and Jasper have them too!  What’s not to love her?


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