Beginner Guitar Lessons


Here are some key points to consider when considering Beginner Guitar Lessons and what you want to get out of your Beginner Guitar Lessons.

Beginner Guitar Lessons can take the shape of several forms and it is important to consider all of these points when deciding what to commence and what to pay for.

There are a lot of choices when considering Beginner Guitar Lessons and you can get bogged down in trying a little bit of too much. So the first choice is to decide what style of music you want to play and to what level do you want to attain? Do you want to play just a few basic guitar chords to strum along to some simple sing-along nights? Do you want to be able to play more complex pieces? What style do you want to learn? Rock, Blues, Jazz, Country, Folk, Metal? It is best early on to stick make some of these decisions and begin learning in one general style.


So where can you find Beginner Guitar Lessons? You can find Beginner Guitar Lessons in many forms and these include;

Online Lessons via the Internet – these can include sites that offer Free lessons. Most of this lesson is going to be based around some basic guitar theory which includes basic guitar chords, and rhythm techniques. It is worthwhile to have a look at a few of these Free lessons as a starting point. However, they mostly provide little motivation and you may want to move on in a short time.

Other Online Beginner Guitar Lessons include lessons through site memberships – these can offer greater variety and value for money, often with better visual aids and video lessons – These sites may include Down-loadable lessons, either through Guitar Tabs (tablature), videos, or sound files

Other Online learning programs – for example, programs with playable tabs.

Other Beginner Guitar Lessons include off-line sources such as; Lessons on DVD / CD and Lessons from Books – The DVDs can be an excellent source, however with many books they can be difficult to follow when you have no-one to guide you or you can‘t see or hear anything to guide you. (e.g. Try following a Jimi Hendrix tab book)

The last source to consider is; paying for a Guitar Teacher or Tutor for 1 on 1 lessons or Lessons at school, from friends & family. The benefits from having a Guitar Teacher include their ability to keep you progressing from week to week and staying motivated – They do come at a price, so choose carefully a Teacher that will guide in the way you want to go, and don’t get tied into one Teacher if you are not satisfied.

Beginner Guitar Lessons can also focus on different areas of Guitar Playing and these include;

  • Basic Guitar Chords
  • Guitar Scales
  • Music and Guitar Theory
  • Rhythm techniques
  • Guitar tabs (tablature)
  • Playing Songs

Most Beginner Guitar Lessons can tend to put a lot of focus on one area more than another, so often you end up purchasing more than 1 program. The lessons that have the best teaching properties are those with Visual aids – especially Videos (DVDs), diagrams, and playable guitar tabs, and will combine Guitar Theory with learning to play songs.

Most new guitar players want to play songs – the benefit of learning a variety of songs is that you can learn different techniques within the song, including Rhythm, timing, and picking techniques. However, you will progress a lot faster if you can combine learning songs by learning some Guitar theory, such as Basic Guitar Chords, some Guitar Scales, that create understanding behind the songs

One last point, look for value for money and consider the amount of time you are willing to put into your playing and learning, and most of all enjoy and have fun with your Beginner Guitar Lessons.

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