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Baby Girl Swaddle Blankets mission is to bring women with disabilities together in the spirit of support, positivity and inclusivity. The world of women with disabilities is a complex place, often with no easy answers. We encourage an attitude of self-advocacy and self-efficacy with all of our members and are radically inclusive of all women with disabilities. With the strength of our members and allies throughout the global disability and women’s worlds, we use the tools at our disposal to create a place for discourse, humor, art, research, resources, and most of all, community. We are a program of the People Helping People.

Baby Girl Swaddle Blankets
Baby Girl Swaddle Blankets

While reading this and other papers that have attempted to extrapolate further on the cyborg myth it often strikes me that they are missing a really obvious connection when discussing various intersections; many people with disabilities have been baby swaddling since long before technology or the concept of a swaddle blankets was even a popular discussion.

Indeed, those of us with disabilities and chronic health issues would be hard pressed to separate ourselves from technology. Our lives are intrinsically linked with technology, and our identity is often defined.

Swaddling Helps Baby Sleep Longer as well as visitors to our communities. They apply to everyone in any community, website, group, or area run by the swaddle blankets. If you have concerns about these policies or their implementation, please speak directly to a staff member. If concerns involve a staff member, please contact the swaddle blankets director or advisory board members.

Obtain explicit consent from others prior to logging or recording any event, or using replies from various communities and forums, and include the purposes for which the log will be used and who will have access. Tilly Jasper Community member, student, educator or researcher is allowed to record or share transcripts in any form of publication or for research without explicit written permission from the Tilly Jasper director, as well as members involved in the event.

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