What Color of Celebrity Prom Dress Should You Choose For 2018

Celebrity Dresses

Many styles are prepared for you such as classic Princess Gown; strapless, nipped in at the waist and A-line to the floor. The Slinky; really suits an hourglass figure hugging the body at the waist, gathering in around the knees and fanning out in a fishtail to the floor and the current favorite – the Short and Flirty; a take on the princess celebrity dresses wholesale, but as the name suggests, way above the knee line!

So once you’ve selected your style – what about the color? The obvious thing to say is that it all depends on your own hair and eye color and Prom Night is not the time to abandon the fashion best-dressed celebrities you’ve worked to all these years! If green was never your color – it isn’t going to be now!! However, as with high street fashion, there are key trends you can work with

celebrity dresses

The catwalk colors last autumn divided into to camps. Firstly, a range of pastel colors which are particularly suited for the special wedding gowns style. Top marks here go to Fuchsia and Yellow which really made an impact. The pastel pallet allows the designers to go to town on the detailing with diamante and beading clearly evident on the corset part of the dress. Lacing at the back was also a favorite device

The second color trend went in completely the opposite direction with dark, bold colors on offer. Midnight Blue and Purple were both crowd pleasers and manufacturers reported that they had sold black cheap wedding wear than ever before. Unusual, as young prom goers tend to option the lighter colors that suit a young complexion.

This darker color trend may follow in the wake of the more sophisticated and overtly sexy styles that have seen around for the past couple of years as finally the bargain wedding dresses move out of its heritage ‘bridesmaid’ zone and join the ranks of the ‘red carpet’ for 2018

For the more adventurous from there are choices celebrity dresses outside of the classic block colors. A number of designers have introduced pattern and floral fabrics as bold alternatives. Typically the style of the best wedding dresses used to show these designs to best advantage is the floor length halter neck. There are some great black and white animal prints and bold geometrics.

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