Discovering Pinella Bark


What if there was a form of dietary supplementation that you could use to help yourself reduce inflammation and even improve your gut health? There are several natural products out there that tout benefits we would all enjoy but the real question is about their effectiveness. During this article, we will examine the benefits and possible drawbacks of Pinella bark when incorporated into your routine.

Why Do We Need Pinella Bark?

Because our lives are full of so many stressors and toxic substances, it’s a good idea to look into what can be done to help recover and get well naturally as opposed to masking the issues with more of the same. When we’re tired, it’s easy to grab a coke or a quick cup of coffee to help jump-start our motivation. Often, that wears us thin and the effects become short-lived or even nonexistent. That’s why it’s important to look into other alternative medicine that has long-term benefits to our health as well as a short-term positive impact.

Where Did Pinella Bark Come From?

Pinella bark used to be a very popular spice and medicinal plant in ancient Egypt. Its main use was for flavoring foods as it is an aromatic herb.

Interestingly enough, the precise natural compounds that give this plant its value in cooking are the same ones that add value to health.

It was used very commonly in ancient times but became scarcer and was used less frequently for years until its recent resurgence. This is not to say that it fell out of the wellness spectrum of thought because there were always proponents of its use as a health remedy.

Aside from cooking, where it has a similar flavor to fennel seeds and licorice, there are often essential oils made from its extract. These essential oils are rich in several compounds that have proven health benefits.

Gut Health And Inflammation

Pinella bark and gut healthMost of us have things in our lives that cause us to experience stress and might even lead us into making poor health decisions when we are tired or rushed. This has a cumulative effect over time that causes different systems throughout our bodies to break down in various ways. A very common way that stress can cause negative health effects is through poor gut health and inflammation.

If you are experiencing poor gastrointestinal health, Pinella bark may be a good thing for you to consider. It has a tradition of being used for indigestion, flatulence, and nausea. There is also popular thought that there may be a link between consumption of Pinella bark extracts and reduced likelihood of gastric ulcers.

Along with its digestive benefits, there are also anti-inflammatory positives associated with its use. This can cut down on abdominal pain and also help you to recover from chronic inflammatory issues. If you are suffering from long-term issues related to digestion and inflammation, it’s a good idea to take steps toward healing when possible because these types of negative effects tend to get worse over time.

Stress Response and Recovery Uses

It sounds great that Pinella bark can help reduce inflammation and improve gut health, but let’s delve into one of the main ways that these issues come up in the first place – stress. There is a complex system in our bodies that help us cope with and respond to stress. This system is known as the NeuroEndoMetabolic (NEM) Stress Response and is comprised of nearly every system in our bodies.

The concept that stress is physically unhealthy isn’t new but now we know several ways that it actually causes damage to the body. The beginning stage of the NEM Stress Response takes place in the brain and is made up of neurotransmissions that signal hormonal responses in the pituitary gland. From there the action moves to the adrenal glands – where more hormones are released to help the body handle stressful situations.

The adrenal glands release cortisol which is one of the most harmful hormones in the body when released in excess or with high levels of frequency. Cortisol has a large effect on inflammation because one of its main jobs is to suppress inflammation. Over time, when we are stressed often and cortisol release is insufficient to keep up with the demand, our bodies have a difficult time naturally suppressing inflammation and it gets out of control. This is one of the aspects that is present when someone experiences adrenal fatigue (AF).

Stress and pinella barkWhen we are stressed very often and the adrenal glands cannot produce adequate cortisol, AF is often a factor that needs attention. High levels of inflammation and low levels of cortisol will cause you to feel tired, anxious, lethargic, and even experience brain fog. There are several ways that you can mitigate the effects of low cortisol and address some of the aspects of AF; Pinella bark is a good start.

Supplementing with Pinella bark is a way to reduce your stress-related inflammation naturally. Now, it is very necessary to note that just because you can help reduce some of the problems related to AF and high stress with supplements doesn’t mean that you should ignore the causes of your stress. One of the most effective ways to combat your AF is to attack it at the root; stress itself.

This is a difficult thing for some people to do because there are so many things that cause stress and there are also things which are out of our control. It’s important to be mindful of the ways that stress affects the body and to consider different things that you can do to mitigate its negative effects.

Pregnancy and Other Warnings

While it is apparent that Pinella bark can help to lower inflammation, improve gut health, and even lower blood sugar levels, nothing is without its risks. This herb is no exception to that rule.

Women who are pregnant are at an increased of complications when they consume it on a regular basis. There is a potential for miscarriage.

For this reason, if you are considering adding this to your routine, examine the other goals that you have for your health and lifestyle to see if it’s right for you. It’s always best to consult a healthcare professional before implementing something like Pinella bark that has risks associated with pregnancy because nothing is worth the potential to damage a life.

Aside from the risks to pregnant women, there are some people who are particularly sensitive or allergic to Pinella bark. It can cause rashes, gastrointestinal, and breathing problems for those who are at risk. Because of these increased dangers for some people, ask your doctor if it is safe for you to take a look at the site here.

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