Interesting Sweet Sixteen Ideas for Fabulous Parties

Sweet Sixteen Ideas

Sixteen is that turn of our lives when we want to behave a bit maturely without losing childlike innocence. Sweet 16 girl wants to make her party most talked about event. She wants to make a mark in the minds of her friends about her style, taste and above all affection she feels for them. That’s why, sweet sixteen ideas ooze a lot of madness and fun. Venue, Indian designer dresses code, cake and games are thought about in detail while organizing parties as per sweet sixteen ideas.

Party supplies on budget are what everybody looks forward to. Glow parties are ‘glow in the dark’ type of sweet sixteen ideas. Room is kept dark to enhance the glow supplies. Glow sticks, ropes wrapped around chairs and tables make the concept come up beautifully. White balloons are widely used as glow party supplies. Invitation and favors are designed to put these ideas clearly to the guests.

sweet sixteen

Centerpieces for tables speak a lot about sweet sixteen ideas inspiring the mood of the party. Flowers, candies, tiaras and sometimes decorative lamps, as in case of glow party, set the theme for the party. Centerpieces go well with both the casual and formal party themes. Cakes mark the occasion fairly well. Cake topper provides extra appeal to the cake. Edible cake toppers are always loved by the guests. Princess cakes are suggested for those girls who love fairy tales. Cinderella slippers made in chocolate are one of the interesting cake toppers.

Poems and lyrical tribute to the birthday girl are a way to express love and care towards her. Reading out as a speech or singing’s in chorus are one of the very touchy sweet sixteen ideas. Poems are also written in cards also to mesmerize the birthday girl. Poems can be read out to daughter, best friend, niece or godchild. Any of these mentioned sweet sixteen ideas can assure a smile from the concerned person’s heart.

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