Not Your Average Probiotics: Try MicroBiome-optimized BIOM Probiotics !


Very few probiotic companies Cold-Ship their products. At BIOM we say this is essential to having a probiotic that will deliver the potency you need. When probiotics are mailed or sit on a store shelf for months, the live organisms do indeed die from heat and oxidation, with greatly reduced effectiveness. BIOM cold-shipping retains potency, ready to go to work.


Right now we’ll give you FREE cold-shipping and FREE 2-Day shipping with any probiotic, starting at $25.95

You will appreciate and feel the difference when using quality, properly-kept probiotics. Your body will thank you, too, with your microbiome probiotics fortified and running smoothly…you’ll feel better..


Also! Report back to us with first bottle results and receive a SPECIAL OFFER for your next bottles.

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