Pool Cleaning Service in Simi

pool cleaning simi

We Start by Using the Net on the Pool Surface and Pool Bottom

We the scrub and brush the walls and steps. This includes any inset seating as well. Once the surfaces are free of any debris or algae we vacuum the pool and spa. Our professional pool cleaning Simi team recommends weekly cleaning, especially with our windy days. Leaved and debris can clog filters, making pools unsafe and dirty. Swimming pool service is Simi is essential. Our weather is difficult to predict, and our swim spas can take the brunt of our weather. Our premiere pool service is the customers choice for thorough pool cleaning and maintenance. Our customers are our first priority. Call today to see our difference.

Swimming Pool Simi

Equipment Checks for Pools and Spas

Proper equipment checks often can save thousands! We ensure skimmer baskets are checked and emptied.

Ensure the Pool Pump strainer baskets are checked and emptied, Filter back-washing as needed.

Our Pool Service Team sweeps debris bags and empties any debris. Teams sweep the finger screen and wall screen to make sure everything is functioning properly and clean. Pool Company CA is efficient and complete, we check the sweep operation and all valves. We ensure circulation and suction is in proper working order and suggest or complete adjustments as needed.

Chemical Analysis and Assistance

Our professional Pool Maintenance Team checks and maintains the Chlorine, Chloramines, Total Chlorine, pH (Potential Hydrogen), TA (Total Alkalinity), Calcium Hardness (Water Hardness), Cyanuric Acid (Stabilizer), Saturation Index (Calcium Precipitation Point).

We will add necessary chemicals to maintain proper chemistry

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