Whey Protein Water Orange/Guava Flavour Review

ion x protein water

Whey protein Orange/Guava Flavour helps to maintain your body in shape and ready for action by giving the necessary amino acids required to aid support lean muscle, vitality, strength and energy. The low-fat protein and fast-acting water is usually packed with 30 grams of protein for each scoop.

It is also important to know that whey protein includes a high concentration of BCAA’s (Branched Chain Amino Acids), which are essential for proficient muscle metabolism. All these qualities make whey protein Orange/Guava Flavour a perfect supplement for energetic individuals.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Besides being the ideal supplement for individuals, whey protein powder has its other separate advantages. The very first advantage is that it is fast-acting and delicious. It is also convenient and easy-to-mix and is perfect for use during the day, most especially if you are just coming from your workout.

Another advantage is that whey Orange/Guava Flavour is easy to use. This is because it features a fast-absorbing protein blend that speeds up amino acid release to muscles just after workouts. However, few customers have expressed its disadvantage. They claim that the product changes in calories unexpectedly.

ion x protein water

Discount Details

When you purchase whey protein Orange/Guava Flavour on Ion-X Protein water, you are sure to receive great discounts on the product. There are no obligations, no commitments and the shipping is absolutely free.

Product Details

  • 30 grams of whey protein packed in low-fat powder formula
  • Delicious orange/guava flavour
  • Top quality protein enhancement that is both easily digestible and bioavailable
  • Superior in necessary amino acid content to milk, soy or beef
  • BCAAs that brings out resourceful muscle metabolism

Customer Reviews

According to many customers who have used the Ion-X protein water Orange/Guava Flavour; this product is the most ideal to use. Most of them say that besides the good taste, this product has balanced cholesterol, carbohydrate, fat and protein content.

They have experienced their pleasure in whey powder and have vowed to use it forever. Some have even expressed the flexibility of orange/guava flavour. Besides all this, it is also comforting to know that customers accept the price wholeheartedly.


If you wish to purchase a protein powder for muscle soreness and recuperation right after your workout, then look no further. Ion-x protein water Orange/Guava Flavour is the one to go for. It has no artificial sweeteners and will make you feel more relaxed and re-energized.

The pricing is also great and with the great discounting offered, you will never want to miss the chance of acquiring this product. Besides its high quality, you will also want to use it for the rest of your life. Another amazing thing is that there are no major side effects after using the product.

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