Written Driver Tests

The driving exam allows you to demonstrate your ability to drive. You must provide a vehicle that is licensed and properly equipped for the driver’s license classification you are seeking. If the vehicle is registered in Brisbane, it must display valid license plates as required by Brisbane law. If the vehicle is registered outside of Brisbane, it must meet the registration requirements of the respective state. The vehicle, unless exempt, must comply with the Brisbane Mandatory Insurance Law. You will be required to show proof of vehicle insurance inside the Driver Services facility. You will automatically fail the exam if you violate any traffic law or commit any dangerous action while taking the exam. You and the examiner are required to wear safety belts during the driving exam, as required by law.

More about DMV Permit Written Test:

A written DMV test (written examination) is not only required for teens, but for everyone who is applying for their first driver’s license. If you need to obtain your learner’s permit and later your driver license from the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), Department of Transportation (DOT), or Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) – these practice tests are designed for you!

Whether you are preparing to take the written DMV exam in Brisbane and Queensland our tests will prepare you for it. Remember that thorough knowledge of driving laws and road rues will not only prepare you for the state written test – it will make you a safer driver.

Our DMV practice tests are designed to be state specific illustrative examples of the official exam that new drivers are required to take at the local DMV. A practice learners permit test is not a drivers ed course. The driving lessons Brisbane also offers drivers education course that covers the following topics in great detail: street and highway signs and markings, turn signals, license classes, obtaining a drivers license, sharing the road with trucks and motorcycles, driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol, right of way, and night driving.

driving lessons Brisbane
driving lessons Brisbane

The learners permit and drivers license tests are based on information found in driving handbooks. In Brisbane, Queensland and St Lucia this introduction is affectionately referred to as the Driver’s Handbook (or Drivers Handbook).

Our driving lessons Brisbane allow you to test your mastery of the material found in these driver handbooks.

For teens, of course, the drivers handbook is only the beginning because teens are required to take a full drivers education course. driving lessons Brisbane approved drivers education course is designed for teens and new drivers. It educates about safe handling of motor vehicles and defensive driving techniques. These driving practices are introduced to the student driver with an interactive multimedia course, which includes real driving situation case studies, textual, movie and diagnostic elements.

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